Regardless of the reason you are planning on redesigning your home, there are so many tried and true ideas that one must consider. The first is natural light. It is a matter of window placement for maximum sunlight and this will also give the home an inviting look.

You may also want to refrain from dating your home with certain design features. Choose designs that are more future proof so you can move with the times. Finally you want your home to tell a story and this can be just about feature that truly makes your home stand out and shine above and beyond the others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Each home has a defining feature, a characteristic that we distinctly remember after leaving the property.
  • The natural light in a room can vary, and should be emphasized for warmth and space.
  • Interior design choices that may be trendy now, may not be later, and will date the home.

“These choices may be on-trend now, but they also anchor your home to a specific time and place. Future-proofing your home is such an important part of interior design, so always consider what part of a feature really defines you ‘now’ but doesn’t hold back your home as your style evolves.”

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