In Australia, experts are talking about a better way to build, which will also benefit the environment.

Using timber is at the top of the list in this endeavor. The reason being that it is lighter, easier to handle and move. Timber has proven to be better for the environment then concrete and steel and is much more sustainable.

There are many changes coming such as a push to eliminate aluminum door and window frames and replacing them with aluminum ‘coated’ timber frames. The bottom line is to reduce our carbon footprint.

Key Points:

  • The construction industry is a constant balance between creating things and reducing environmental waste
  • Smart homes include many different types of sensors to monitor air flow, water flow, energy consumption and breaking points
  • Previously used materials such as timber are making a comeback in popularity

“A more timber-heavy and mostly off-site construction process could be the way forward, Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Smart Modern Construction at Western Sydney University David Chandler said.”

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