Choosing your new bathroom tile can be nerve-wracking because you know you are going to be looking at it for many years. The first thing to consider is what is your personal style. Do you like contemporary furnishings or a more classic look? Equally as important, find an excellent tiler with good customer references who considers tiling to be an art form. Finally, consider your color scheme, where the tiles are going to be placed, grout color, and how the tile looks as the backdrop for your faucets and other fixtures.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to bathroom renovations tile choice can not be overestimated in importance, largely because the tile is what visitors notice first.
  • It’s important to decide up front, which parts of your bathroom you wish to have covered in tile, or if you want the tile to merely serve as a feature, perhaps creating one graphic area.
  • If you are going to have different tiles for different parts of the room, make sure that despite their differences they are still compatible in style and overall look.

“This should be #1 on the list as it is the most important point of them all – you need a great tiler! Not all tilers are made equally and you pay for quality and experience, trust me this is not an area where you should try and save a $.”

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