How to Design Homes That Boost Our Well-Being

Constructing a new home that will embody the personal space that you retreat to after a long day should focus on features that promote tranquility and happiness. Try to designate at least one room as a zen space where you are free from all electronics. This can help you unwind from the over stimulation that we face on a routine basis while tackling our responsibilities. Also be sure to incorporate plenty of natural sunlight as neuroscience supports how important this is to increased happiness.

Key Points:

  • There are an array of neuroscientist studies that deal with how buildings affect our state of mind and thus our mental health.
  • A home that is free of many obvious digital distraction promotes interaction with family members.
  • Open plan style homes that connect areas where people gather, such as kitchens and back yards, are useful.

“People are overworked and overstimulated because there are a lot of things happening in this fast-paced society. We’re feeding the body and brain more information than it can actively process. It has a significant impact on our well-being.”

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