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Your project, ideas and budget. Our experience, expertise and efficiencies.

We have developed efficient and effective project management methods that ensure we complete your commercial build on time and on budget.

We make sure we deliver your project according to the contract. Nothing is missed. Everything is considered.

Our in-house design services provide you the flexibility you need to make changes and amendments, use different construction methods, new techniques and customisation of the internal architecture.

Why IQ Commercial?

  • Dynamic, efficient, and flexible organisation that moulds to your requirements
  • High levels of client service throughout the project, providing transparency in communication and reports on progress and costings
  • Strategic alliances with architects, industry associations, engineers and industry professionals
  • In-house OHSE/Safety Officer
  • Council approved safety equipment provided to trades
  • Zero safety incidents to date on our Safety Incident Report
  • Zero defect and liability claims to date

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Commercial building projects delivered on time and on budget. Contact IQ Construction. We’re professional, trustworthy and completely dedicated to your commercial build.