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IQ Home’s design and develop custom builds that meet your exact requirements. You dream it, we’ll build it.

If you’re looking for a bespoke home fashioned using the finest craftsmanship, look no further than IQ Homes.

IQ Homes unique custom design solution enables you to blend styles, brick, timber, acrylic or steel to create a property that matches your style. Innovative 3D modelling and imagery services allow you to visualise exactly what your design will look like when it’s built.

One of our custom built homes in Perth

IQ Custom Built Homes in Perth

At IQ Homes we’re proud to assist our clients to create unique and innovative homes that are created using the latest construction methods and materials. We pride ourselves on engaging a quality workforce and being ahead of the game with all our designs and builds, ensuring our new home-owners are 100% happy with the result.

For intelligent design and a quality build speak with a trusted, locally owned and operated builder – IQ Construction.