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What are Site Works?

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Learn About Site Works (Earthworks)

Site works refers to leveling or preparing the ground before any construction takes place.

digger performing site works

This is necessary as some home sites have a natural slope while others are uneven or rocky. In those cases where a slope is a desired design feature, then a timber frame pole home is the perfect choice. Either way, site works are needed.

Site works, also known as earthworks, are carried out to flatten and smoothen the land it so it can be built upon.


Site works means different things to different builders and what they allow in their costs can reflect this.

Some builders understand it to include any engineering components, structural steel items and even footings and concrete slabs.

Soak wells and storm water requirements are also commonly included in the site works category.

Plant and equipment such as cranes, concrete pumps or even site toilets are also grouped by some under this component.

Check with your builder what they understand by site works and what they allow for it.

The Process

  1. All unwanted trees, boulders, plants, grass, etc. are cleared from the site.
  2. If there are any additional traces of soil that can hamper construction, it is also removed.
  3. It can also include grading, landscaping, paving driveways, building retaining walls etc.

What’s Included


As explained above, the area of construction is leveled and converted into a flat site. Or prepared as a sloping building site.


If the site has a significant slope, retaining walls may need to be built on the block.


If building on rocky ground, the costs, and ways of leveling the site can be different. An excavator may be required to level the ground.


If the soil or surrounding area has termites or white ants, some protection is recommended before starting construction. Termites can be detrimental to any building.


You can also opt for protection from bush fires and other high-risk zones at additional costs. In the Perth Hills this is particularly important and may be needed.

In Summary

Site works or earthworks are extremely important before beginning construction on any kind of terrain. Not only to they set a foundation for the structure but also help in safeguarding it.

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