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What Is A Pole Home?

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What Should I Know About Pole Homes in Perth?

While most people are comfortably familiar with the conventional Australian style of home based on a concrete slab and load-bearing walls, this isn’t the only way to build a house.

In fact, there are many advantages to be gained from branching out into considering different construction techniques. A pole home is one of these, and it has various economic, environmental, and other advantages which are outlined below.

First, The Basics… What Is A Pole Home?

As you might guess, a pole home is one where the structure is supported by poles, rather than a traditional concrete slab.

Typically used for sloping blocks, poles are fixed at the required heights to create a level floor, which creates the support and framework to then build the remainder of the house.

While this style of building has other benefits, it is most often used when building on less stable or sloping ground to avoid the hassle and cost of major earthworks to create a level foundation.


Building a traditional style home on a sloping or uneven block can be expensive, whereas a pole home can be built with much less ground preparation. You can also possibly save on buying the land in the first place, since sloping ground is often less desirable and therefore cheaper.

Given that many pole homes are wood-based, this means that local and other environmentally-friendly materials can be used during the construction. These materials can be incorporated into a design that will blend into the local landscape, enhancing its natural beauty.

The land will also suffer less of an impact from a pole home than a conventional one with the potential to maintain more of the existing flora.

And finally, in terms of energy conservation, a pole home can easily be designed to maximise the heating and cooling potential of any site.

Convenience & Flexibility

A pole home is quicker to build, again because it needs very little site preparation. It can also be built in stages to accommodate different timescales and budgets, allowing you to move in sooner rather than later.

Depending on the site, the design can actually step down with the slope, creating a unique character to your home. The design itself can also be as unique and innovative as you want it, with the bonus that it can be later modified and easily added to (design permitting).

A pole home is a truly flexible living space, opening up options for open-plan living or split levels. Depending on the site, space under the poles can also be utilised for storage, car parking and the like.


Another important advantage of a pole home is the views you can enjoy. Of course, this will depend on the block you purchase but as pole homes are elevated, you will always enjoy more of a view than a home built on the ground. Ensuring that you have an experienced builder and designer on board will help the maximise the effectiveness of the block and design.

Pole Homes Are Gaining Popularity In Perth

Pole homes aren’t as well known in Perth but are very popular in other states and countries. As they are starting to gain more and more popularity in Perth, the real estate market is positively responding to these unique ‘property products’. Your wallet, piece of mind and even your local environment can benefit from this method of construction, which creates stunning homes.

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