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What Is Building Information Modeling?

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Building Information Modeling lets you see your dream home design in 3D!

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is essentially a virtual workflow process used for planning, design, construction, and management of building projects.

what is building information modeling BIM

Building Information Modeling

BIM 4-Step Process

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Building
  • Operating

BIM software

BIM software is a 3D design & modeling software that enables you to create virtual models of entire projects from conception to completion.

The visual models can easily be shared, reviewed, and updated by team members to enable analysis, new ideas, changes, cross-checking, and management.

The virtual master models created using BIM software are made up of various objects produced by applications that are plugged into BIM (such as Revit).

About Revit

Revit is one of the most popular applications built for BIM. Its used by designers to visualize, design, simulate, and work together.

The purpose of Revit is to create 2D drawings, 3D models and schedules, which are fed into the BIM software. Any subsequent changes are reflected automatically throughout the software.

BIM Main Benefits

The main benefits of BIM include:

  • Enhanced planning and collaboration
  • Easily shared 3D designs
  • Improved project quality
  • Information sharing
  • Better work efficiency & management

See Your Dream Home Now

For IQ Construction customers, 3D modeling and visualisation enables you to see the home you are dreaming about… now.

All those sketches and conversations about your home design can be translated into a 3D model to help you focus and agree.

If you’d like to move to the next step in your new home journey, get in touch so our expert designers can bring your ideas to life.

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