Mixed-reality wearable devices have already started to revolutionize construction projects. Wearable technologies aren’t new, but the latest devices are able to combine augmented reality with VR. Microsoft’s Hololens can be mounted on helmets and used to project real-time holographic images. Within a 3D model, the worker’s view adjusts as they move around the building, while batteries are used to maintain a continuous power supply. Ultimately, this technology will improve safety and enable builders to plan projects faster. It will also allow them to tackle more complex projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mixed-reality technology is helping construction companies and builders find practical ways to make up for the gap between architectural plans and reality.
  • 3D Models that are very accurate to reailty enable worker’s helmets to be outfitted with holographic technology called Engineering Building Mixed Reality (ENBR).
  • Among the many ways that mixed-reality technology can revolutionize the way we build structures, it notably will enable projects to be less expensive, and with far less workers hurt on the job.

“Mixed reality wearables also adjust positioning as a worker navigates the site and moves to new positions within the structure. There’s no need for everyone to have seen the actual blueprints, as tasks can be assigned according to one’s view of the final building.”

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