In this day and age of weather uncertainty, housing has had to adapt to various ways to deal with climate change while keeping life affordable.

Passive homes have met that demand. These homes require strict energy efficient measures using the sun, body heat and cooling breezes as its source of energy.

Many things come into play such as positioning of the home, insulation, sealing and ventilation. Even the windows must have high thermal mass to complete the project.

Passive homes can also be built to be fire resistant to help reduce the probability of future loss due to fire.

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilizing solar panels and building around more strict fire standards helps contribute to this high rating
  • Homes such as these cost less than $4 a day to keep running
  • Triple-glazed windows are one of the many ways that homes can self-moderate temperature

“Home builders have designed and built an eco-friendly passive home that meets the development requirements for the highest bushfire risk rating”

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