house solar panels

“Western Australians have embraced rooftop solar, and the government wants to make sure that can continue in a stable way.”

Key Points:

  • We’ve embraced rooftop solar but the speed and scale of installations are eroding the security and reliability of the current electricity system.
  • The DER Roadmap will help manage this and encourage more renewable energy uptake.
  • We’re moving from a system centered on large generators to one with 1000’s of individual generators on the rooftops of homes and businesses.

Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap

The WA government has recently created a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) roadmap to manage the fast uptake of solar and the affects it’s having on our current power system.

DER are smaller devices such as rooftop solar systems, microgrids, batteries and electric vehicles. These can generate, use or store power and are part of the distribution system.

The actions in the DER Roadmap will help ensure our power system is stable while also managing the new DER sources.

The taskforce are also working on various pilots plans including community batteries that will enable people to share solar power with their neighbors.


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