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What Are The Benefits Of Building A House?

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Benefits Of Building A House In Perth?

young boy realising the benefits of building a house in perth.

Whether you’re looking for your first home, needing more room for an expanding family, or wanting to settle into a new neighbourhood, it can be difficult to decide between building a new house from scratch, or moving into an established home.

Many people are familiar with the latter, but the benefits of the former might surprise you. Here are some things that you might not know about building a new house that could make it the perfect option for you.

3 Points To Consider…

1. Cost

The one thing at the front of anyone’s mind when looking at a new house is probably money, and this is a big advantage of building versus buying.

Firstly, you can save on stamp duty, since you only pay for the land and not an existing building as well. The cost of the land and construction can often be noticeably less than buying a previously built property. If you’re building your first home, then you can offset this cost with a government grant as well.

Another cost you can save on is stress and time – you won’t get stuck in a buying chain, and you don’t have to view dozens of properties looking for one that feels right. Your new home will be exactly how you want it, without paying for repairs to hidden damages left by the last owners, or renovations.

In fact, your new home will most likely be under warranty (in many cases for several years), so you can be assured that it will stay at a high standard. Everything will be new and perfectly tailored to you, your family and your lifestyle – you can even make sure it’s as energy efficient as possible, to keep your future outgoings down, too.

2. Design

As mentioned above, you can make your new home exactly what you’ve always imagined it could be, from the orientation to the layout and the fittings inside, with the help of builders you trust. It can reflect your personality, and be completely suited to the landscape and microclimate of the area you want to build it in.

3. Location

There is a lot of flexibility on location when it comes to building a new home, especially if you consider less conventional areas of land (which can be much cheaper). Your home can be exactly where is most convenient for you.

In Summary

With so many benefits of cost, design and location, building rather than buying a new house is a great option to consider.

Find out how long it takes to build a new home. Check out some designs to get some inspiration. Or perhaps you’re after a custom built home?

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