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Building On Sloping Blocks?

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What Should I Know About Building On Sloping Blocks In Perth?

Sloping blocks of land are a very attractive location for building your home: not only can you take advantage of the extra light, but the views are spectacular; you can literally feel like you’re on top of the world.

However, there are also challenges involved in achieving this vision. Fortunately, with a bit of planning, and the right builder, you can have the perfect hilltop home with minimum fuss. Here’s what you need to know.

view from some sloping blocks in the perth hills


Along with enjoying more natural light than a house on a flat site, sloping blocks can provide improved ventilation, which between them can help you to save energy. All you need is an environmentally-friendly design – discuss this with your consultant at IQ Construction.

You can also save money by building on poles as opposed to retain and build. Many people are put off by the thought of the extra cost of building on slopes (more on that below), but with the right site and the right builder, cost effective solutions can be found. In many cases, sloping blocks are actually cheaper to buy than flat blocks of land to compensate for building costs.

Sloping blocks will, in fact, give you anything but a standard home – in the best meaning of the phrase. The unique location will give you a unique house with great views that is sure to be unforgettable – and you can design it to be whatever you want.


Perth is known for its strong winds, and a house on a hill will be more exposed. This isn’t the end of the world though, as a good design takes this into account and there are a number of durable building materials that stand up to the elements. The advantage of improved ventilation can also be a challenge, as you may need to provide under floor insulation. Building products have come a long way on this front, and there are numerous solutions to achieve this.

There are two challenges to building on sloping blocks that can increase the cost and they are site works and drainage.

Site works generally involves cutting and filling the hillside to create a flat foundation for the house, which can significantly increase the costs. Alternative construction methods of using poles, timber framing construction and stepping the design down with the slope can dramatically offset site costs.

Drainage can be a challenge in two ways, depending on where your waste water and sewage need to go. If it’s above you, then you’ll need a pump. Septic pumps and water pumps are easily enough available, but this is a unique challenge to each site that IQ Construction can assist with. It’s more common that it will be below you, although this possibly means some retaining walls are required, possibly rain water tanks, or even inverted drainage systems to prevent any environmental impact.

Solution and Considerations

The solution and considerations to this is to select your land carefully, and to choose a builder experienced with these considerations who is used to developing solutions that will suit you and your budget.

Building on a sloping block is a fantastic opportunity – it simply has its own set of advantages and challenges. Bear them in mind when choosing a builder, and plan ahead to create your perfect new home.

Use the experience at IQ Homes to build your unique home on a sloping block in Perth. Our pole homes and timber frame homes are excellent options for creating beautiful functional homes that capture the surrounding views.

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