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Cladding or Brick?

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Should We Choose Cladding or Brick?

When you are designing and building a new home, you have a lot of important things to consider. One question a lot of people ask themselves is whether they should use cladding or brick as a building material.

deciding whether to get cladding or brick

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to think about these before you start on your new project. So, let’s have a look and find out!

Cladding Advantages

Cladding is a material made from either wood, metal, CFC, masonry or composite materials that you can fix to a building structure.

  • Cladding provides your home with protection, as well as providing alternative external appearances. This means that your new home can look unique and you can create the style you have always desired, whether it is modern or more traditional.
  • The best thing about cladding is that there are endless colours and designs you can choose from.
  • Cladding can be an affordable and economic choice for your new home, depending on the material you choose.
  • It is easy and faster to build with than bricks and you have the ability to paint your cladding (for certain cladding options) in the future. You can also use different types of treatment on it to increase your cladding durability.
  • Cladding is relatively low maintenance

Things to Consider About Cladding

The downside to certain types of cladding is that it can be difficult to repair it. This means that when some cladding is damaged, that particular section, panel or board will have to be completely replaced.

Of course, the toughness of your cladding will depend on what material you use. For example, if you choose certain types of wooden cladding, this will not necessarily pass BAL ratings and can be prone to water staining over time.

Brick Advantages

  • Bricks provide a very strong and solid material for building and they are not as easy to damage.
  • Bricks are fire resistant and safe, as well as being durable enough to face storms and extreme weather conditions.
  • Many people love the look of bricks and it has a sophisticated style that can be charming, making your property stand out from the crowd, especially with many of the recent developments in brick manufacturing and the types of bricks that are now available.
  • Bricks are also environmentally friendly, and you can reuse older bricks from previous building projects, which can provide a lot of character in a new home.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your bricks is typically a hose down with water every once and a while, or if required a high pressure clean; as such they are very easy to maintain.

Things to Consider About Bricks

There is not as much versatility when it comes to bricks, meaning there aren’t as many colours to choose from. While you can paint over bricks, this can be difficult and time consuming. You can of course render your bricks and then paint it as an alternative option. Bricks can also absorb moisture or create rising damp, so watch out for mould growth!

While the bricks themselves are durable, the mortar that holds them all together can become damaged over time. This means repointing may be necessary in the future in order to keep your property’s structure safe and aesthetically pleasing.

In Summary

The option you choose will depend on the ‘look’ you want, the home design, energy efficiency needs and your budget. Also, the block of land may be taken into account. For example, building on an uneven or sloping block may be more suited to a timber frame pole home with cladding instead of brick.

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