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How Long To Build A House?

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How long to build a house in Perth?

Building a new home always creates lots of questions in terms of money, selections, methods designs and time.

Time is a concern that many people have, as they quite naturally want to know how long it will be until they can move in. In this article, we hope to provide some more information about time frames of building.

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What’s involved…

There are many stages between making the initial decision and the total completion of construction, but we can give you the best estimate according to your circumstances and ideal design.

Below, we give a general outline of how you can expect the process to develop, and how long it might take.

How long to build a house

There are two main phases when building a home:

  • Pre-construction
  • Construction

Pre-construction can take 4-5 months and construction can take anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

6 stages to building a home

We further divide the pre-construction and construction into 6 stages:

  1. The design process
  2. Planning approval
  3. Documentation
  4. Building permits and finance
  5. Construction
  6. Handover

1. The design process

The design process is the most unique stage, as we work closely with you to create your perfect design; this being the case, we’ll give you as much time as is needed to develop your vision.

We won’t move forward until you’re happy with your plans. See our new home design service.

2. Planning approval

In some cases planning approval isn’t required but that’s determined by your local council and their rules for the local planning scheme, residential design codes or R codes and any other policies they may have.

It’s important to note that planning approval is not the same as a building approval/permit. We can take care of both for you.

3. Documentation

These are the detailed plans, engineering, selections and contracts that allow us to make the final preparations before construction can start – and you’ll always have the final say on them before a single tool is lifted.

4. Building permits and finance

When the documentation is completed, you have the required information for your bank or financial institution to obtain finance approval and we have the documentation required to obtain the building permit. Once both are obtained, we can then move to construction on site.

5. Construction

 Construction starts with the site works and foundations, after which you will soon see the main shape of the house comes together relatively quickly, within a month or two, as the walls are built.

Once the walls are up, the roof framing and cover doesn’t take too much longer after that. At this point the lock-up stage begins (roughly another one to two months) where the house is secured with windows and doors and we start the internal works.

The work inside is more detailed, and is one of the longest stages, involving everything from plastering and wiring to installing the kitchen cabinets and tiling. It usually takes at least 3 months, which will obviously be longer for a two-storey house.

6. Handover

The finishing touches come together quickly – site cleaning and inspection among them – then the final stage, handover, takes place. At every point up to this you’ll be kept up to date on progress, so you’ll always know our best estimate for completion – and when you can move in.

These home building times can vary

Although these timescales can vary according to individual needs and other things such as weather conditions, this should give you a clearer idea of how long to build a house from start to finish.

Feel free to look at our flexi home designs or perhaps you are more interested in a custom built home. Check out our tips on how to choose a block of land.

If you would like to know rough time frames for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You found a block! What next? You need a plan.

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