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Should I Choose A Corner Block?

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What Should I Know About Building On Corner Blocks In Perth?

Choosing a block of land for your new home can be a daunting task with many considerations. One choice that often comes up is whether to buy a corner block or not, so here we’ll take a look at what you should know.

corner block

Corner Block Pros and Cons:

  • A corner block provides more scope for design and features, but this may lead to some additional costs.
  • Provides more natural light with the right design
  • An extra verge provides more space you can utilise for parking, gardening and enjoyment
  • Can be another entry point for intruders so a good fence and lockable gate is advised
  • Provides great access for yourself, guests and any future tradespeople
  • Traffic noise can be an issue on a corner block but some neighbours can be much noisier
  • Future subdivision or granny flat construction is much easier due to the ease of access (this is subject to your local council’s rules of course)

More Scope For Design

The corner block allows for two street facades, allowing for your house to be on more on display than typical homes. This means you can add more design features and take advantage of the openness of the street side of your new home. For example, another balcony, patio, garden and more windows for natural light and so on.

An Extra Verge

Another benefit of corner blocks is the extra verge you can enjoy to plant some extra trees & bushes, wash the car or play with the kids. It’s also nice to have some extra space for another car, trailer or caravan and also where visitors can park.

Good Access

Living on a corner means ease of access for yourself when parking and also for any other visitors and tradespeople during building and any future work. Subject to council rules, there’s also potential for extra access to your property like a garage from the side street.

Easy to Subdivide

Providing the size and location of your land fits within your local council’s subdivision rules, corner blocks are an excellent candidate for subdivision due to double street frontage and ease of access.

The Flip Side

On the flip side, these extra features may add to the cost of designing and building your new home. A good designer and builder can help reduce this aspect though.


Also, corner blocks can sometimes be a little noisier due to more exposure to street traffic. That said, some neighbours can be a lot noisier at later times than a bit of traffic.  A good builder can minimise noise a lot with correct window choice and building techniques.

More Exposure To Intruders

Due to having two street frontages there is more potential for unwanted intruders. The way to deter this is to build a secure fence and lockable gate from the outset along with other security like sensor lights.

In Summary

We hope this helps you understand more about living on a corner and how with the right home design and security, you can enjoy some extra special benefits most homeowners can’t.

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