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Dual Occupancy

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Generate a second income or make room for family with a Dual Occupancy home.

Now is the perfect time to build a dual occupancy property with IQ Homes. Creative home design styles enable you to easily separate the two dwellings with acoustic, privacy and utility billing solutions all incorporated.

Changes in WA law now allow homeowners to build two houses under one roof and rent them out to different parties. If you are looking to maximise your investment, dual occupancy properties are a fantastic opportunity to increase your rental yield for minimal additional cost.

Maintain Independence

Dual occupancy homes are ideal if your block doesn’t lend itself to a granny flat and you want extra accommodation for family members. Dual occupancy properties allow family members to maintain their independence in their own personal space.

example of one of our dual occupancy builders homes in perth

Your Dual Occupancy Builders in Perth

To find out more about your option with dual occupancy dwellings, call our friendly team. We welcome you to get in touch and arrange an estimate and inspection of your property to see if dual occupancy is the right option for you.

For intelligent design and a quality build speak with a trusted, locally owned and operated builder – IQ Construction.