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Pole Homes

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Build on sloping block or tiered plot of land with a pole home construction.

For blocks with a slope, a pole house construction can be an innovative option for creating a functional home that captures the surrounding views and allows you a truly unique and versatile home.

Pole homes offer numerous design options and allow for additional storage and space underneath your home, providing an enchanting view of the adjoining areas.

Typically constructed using timber framed methods, pole homes are growing in popularity and offer a cost-effective solution to building on sloped sites, which can be perceived to be a little tricky. They are also known as stumped homes or stilt homes as they are raised off the ground. Learn more about pole homes.

Pole home verandahSmall pole home construction in PerthPole home construction PerthFrontage of a pole home house in Perth

IQ Pole Homes In Perth

To build a customised pole home to suit your block in or around Perth, speak with the team here at IQ Homes. We’re waiting to talk about your options.

For intelligent design and a quality build speak with a trusted, locally owned and operated builder – IQ Construction.