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Timber Frame Homes

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Timber Frame Homes – Australia’s most popular build.

Timber frame homes encourage flexible construction methods, allowing builders to gain far more diversity with dimensions that may be found challenging with traditional bricks and mortar.

If you’re seeking a change from traditional brick and cement style homes, timber may be a viable option for your new home build.

Example of one of IQ Construction's custom timber frame homes in perthleading up to the entrance of a new custom timber frame home in roleystone.beautiful living room with lots of natural room looking out to balcony of timber pole homeopen plan light filled kitchenview of kitchen counter through to living room.timber deck of custom built home in roleystone perth

Why Choose A Timber Frame Home?

Timber is a lightweight building material that is extraordinarily durable and strong. There are many reasons why timber frame homes are popular in Australia including flexibility, cost, and sustainability.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose timber framing for your next build:

1. Flexible and Fast to Construct

Timber framing can be adapted to work well on both flat and sloping blocks of land. Its fast to construct and flexible for any changes that are needed. This also helps keeps cost down.

2. Strong

Timber framing has proven to be a strong and reliable building material even though it is more lightweight than bricks and steel.

3. Protected Against Termites

Timber used for home construction has already been treated for termites and white ants before purchase. This important protection is totally safe for people living in the home.

4. Sustainable & Renewable Building Material

In Australia, most timber used for construction is sustainably grown and sourced. It is usually certified by either Australia’s Responsible Wood or the Forest Stewardship Council.

5. Provides Great Insulation

Timber framing itself provides natural insulation as wood has in-built thermal insulation properties. Also, as cladding is often used with timber framing, additional insulation can easily be placed in the walls and ceilings.

6. Easy to Renovate

If future renovations are needed to add extra rooms or remove walls etc. then this is faster and easier to achieve with timber frames than brick homes.

7. Installing Extra Services

As time goes by, you may wish to do some extra electrical or plumbing work in your home. Adding extra power points, hiding electrical wires in walls (i.e. mounting TVs etc.) or getting some plumbing installed is easier to do with timber frame homes than other construction types.

Timber Frame Homes

Lightweight and flexible, timber frame homes are a stand out in new home design.

Timber framed construction is steadily increasing across the Perth building industry due to comparable improvements in insulation and acoustic methods, numerous cladding options and the growing popularity of architecturally designed finishes.

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