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Fantastic service! I built my home through IQ and was very pleased with the attention to detail and the quality of the home at handover stage. IQ Constructions was very open and honest throughout the whole building process and the staff were very friendly. There were no hidden costs and they were there to help in every way. I highly recommend this building company. IQ can be trusted!

- Cornelia van der Veen

Getting Started on Your New Home Build

The process of building your new home can be confusing for many, but at IQ Homes we keep our clients completely involved in every stage of our building process. The below process will assist in understanding steps we will go through as we build your dream home.

Our New Home Building Process in Perth

Stage 1 | The Design Process

The IQ Construction team work closely with you during initial site inspections and together we’ll create stunning concepts for your new home. In line with your budget and timescale, we’ll create your new home design to suit your family and your living space. We can also create 3D models and walk throughs, so you can visualise the design concept more easily. Once you’re happy with the design, we provide you a detailed cost estimate. Then, a preliminary plans agreement is signed (or what we call in the office the PPA) and we’re ready to get started with the documentation and approvals.

Stage 2 | Council Approval

Once you have approved the design, we draft up the planning documentation and submit them to your local council on your behalf. This ensures we obtain the necessary planning approval where required. To obtain planning approval, we prepare a detailed site plan, floor plan and the four elevations. If planning approval is not required, we jump to stage 3.

Stage 3 | Construction Documentation and Certificates

As soon at the council has approved your plans, we prepare your working drawings. This includes things like your cabinetry details, construction details, electrical plans and wet area specifications. Once they are done, we work directly with the engineers and certification professionals to arrange the necessary documentation and construction certificates for your new home. This is when Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) reports are completed and Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) are done to ensure your new home complies with any necessary regulations. Once this is in place, HIA contracts are developed and presented to you for final approval/authority to proceed. You will then complete your pre start meeting with our qualified interior designer and variations you have requested are prepared for your review and approval.

Stage 4 | Permits and Finance

With the contracts in place, your bank can then finalise your finance arrangements. IQ Homes is highly experienced in working with banks and on construction loans to provide all the documentation that your bank may request. Sometimes this can be confusing for clients, so we regularly work directly with your bank or broker to ensure that all finance related matters are dealt with promptly. With finance in place, IQ Homes will start preparing for the building permit. A Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) is requested for your new home and the application prepared for council. Part of this application includes the mandatory requirement to have insurance in place for your new home. Once the local council has issued the permit, we can move to Stage 5 – Construction!

Stage 5 | Construction

This is usually the more fun part! Seeing your home materialise is exciting and IQ Homes endeavours to share as much as possible this excitement with you. While we have to ensure the safety of our trades and clients, we do encourage clients to visit the construction site and watch the construction happen. If you are interstate or overseas, we will happily email you photo’s along the way so you can share in the process that way. Each of our clients are assigned a project manager who is there to answer all your questions as they arise.

Stage 6 | Handover

When our work on your new home is completed as per the contract, we file for the relevant completion paperwork and submit the necessary documentation to the shire. You also complete a preliminary hand over with the project manager, and a final hand over 10 days later. Upon handover, you are presented with all the necessary paperwork and documentation that comes with a new home.

Then it’s all yours! Sit back and relax in your new home.

You found a block! What next? You need a plan.

Whether you need an initial site survey, help to visualise your ideas or someone to guide you through the whole process, that’s where we can ease the way. We provide complete contour surveys, concept plans and 3D walk-through's. We also have interior designers who can help you add the finishing touches. Too easy.

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