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Fantastic service! I built my home through IQ and was very pleased with the attention to detail and the quality of the home at handover stage. IQ Constructions was very open and honest throughout the whole building process and the staff were very friendly. There were no hidden costs and they were there to help in every way. I highly recommend this building company. IQ can be trusted!

- Cornelia van der Veen

Has your property been rezoned? IQ Homes can help you with your subdivision.

Have you bought a sub-dividable property? Looking to get more value out of one of your investments with an unused backyard? Have your local area zoning rules changed? IQ Homes can help you through the maze of subdivision and help you find the best option when subdividing your property.

Land infill programs by government and zoning changes in local councils across Perth have resulted in the growing popularity of subdividing and building.

Whilst subdividing sounds attractive, there are numerous pitfalls, traps and unknown variables in the process that individuals should be aware of before jumping head first into a subdivision.

3 units on a corner block by unit builders IQ Homes in Perth

Our design services & dual occupancy methods can show you ways of maximising your subdivision to its full potential and ensure you reap the financial rewards.

IQ Homes take the headache out of subdividing. We work closely with you to personally project manage the subdivision process at your Perth property.

We offer transparent financial models, so you’re up to speed and involved in the process. 

Unit Builders & Subdivision Specialists in Perth

If you’re ready to find out more about your Perth subdivision or just want to know whether your property is suitable, give us a call and we’ll crunch some numbers to see if you can divide and conquer!

For intelligent design and a quality build speak with a trusted, locally owned and operated builder – IQ Construction.