Australians have developed a taste for Californian architecture and have taken a liking to the California bungalow. As our climate is comparable, it’s become quite a popular style.

A California Bungalow has a few defining characteristics: a one, or one-and-a-half storied layout, triangular roof, and bay windows. A California Bungalow usually is open and laid back, made from natural building materials like brick, stone, and wood.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although the California Bungalow style is imported from the U.S., it is a highly popular home style in Australia.
  • California Bungalows are generally comprised of weatherboard, brick or timber and feature a sloped roof.
  • Other usual features of this house style include a front veranda and stained glass windows.

“The California Bungalow home design made it to Australia because our climate is quite similar to California’s.”

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