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Our Growing Team

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of adding Steve Wilson to our team, as our new Architectural Drafting Manager. Steve has 30+ years of experience in some of the largest architectural firms and building companies in Perth and interstate.

Steve has designed a range of residential, commercial, unit developments, high-rise apartments, childcare centres, medical centres, warehouses, and schools. He has worked in various building and construction sections as a site supervisor, general manager, estimator, scheduler, and project manager. Steve brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the team.


“I am excited and very happy to be working at IQ.”

Steve Wilson

Steve is very passionate about his work, as in his downtime he enjoys renovating old homes. Steve also loves the great outdoors and enjoys getting away for the weekends camping and getting out on the water and catching some fish. When the weather is good Steve also likes to get his motorbike out and take it for a ride.

Committed To Our Missions and Values

As our new Architectural Drafting Manager Steve brings a worth of knowledge and experience to assist our clients in getting the very best in design, functionality, and flair that meets their expectations and budget.

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Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

What is Cross Laminated Timber?

Modern tall wood constructions are common in Europe and steadily becoming popular in other parts of the world, including Australia.

The wood panel system used in these mid and high-rise buildings is an engineered product called cross laminated timber (CLT). It’s mainly used for construction of floors, roofing and walls.

There is also the potential for cross laminated timber to be used more often when building timber homes.

What Exactly Are CLT Panels?

These large wood panels are made of three, five or seven layers of timber boards glued at 90-degrees to the top and bottom layer, ensuring strength in both directions.

CLT panels are more resistant to water than conventional timber beams and stronger, too.

Building Applications

CLT panels have high strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. These attributes make them ideal for multi-story applications. They are commonly used for box-framed structures employed in the construction of whole wall, floor and roof systems.

CLT is also versatile, and can be incorporated into hybrid applications with materials such as concrete and steel. When used as a prefabricated building component, the wood panel can speed up construction and help meet deadlines more easily.

The shear strength of CLT panels allows designers to use wood in different ways. This includes wide prefabricated floor slabs and tall floor plate heights. Exposed CLT in building interiors lends a warm and rustic aesthetic.

Advantages Of Using Cross Laminated Timber

CLT offers many advantages over other wood-based materials:

  • Better stability and less variable mechanical properties compared to other types of hardwood.
  • The cross-grain layers of CLT panels make them less likely to deform due to moisture.
  • Walls, floors and roofs built from CLT can be pre-fabricated off-site and assembled on site, which helps reduce waste.
  • CLT panels can be manufactured in custom dimensions. They can also be manufactured to various visual appearance grades.
  • Prefabricated CLT panels can speed up the construction of multistory buildings by several weeks.
  • CLT produces lesser greenhouse gases, and uses fewer fossil fuels, water and energy than concrete and steel.
  • Benefits of sustainability, strength, reliability, speed and cost.
  • CLT panels can be used for various building types.

Learn about other newer building materials.

Image credit: The Smile – Alison Brooks Architects

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New Senior Site Supervisor – Daniel Powell

Our Growing Team

Earlier this year IQ Construction had the pleasure of adding Daniel Powell to our growing team, as our new Senior Site Supervisor. Daniel is a fully qualified carpenter and builder.

He brings to IQ Construction a wealth of knowledge obtained through over 25 years’ experience in the building industry. Daniel enjoys taking on board challenges and particularly draws satisfaction from creating great solutions.

“I am loving the culture, staff and ethos of IQ Construction, and I am already feeling very at home.”

Daniel Powell

Daniel is very much a family orientated man, who enjoys spending time with his wife of 20 years Lynette, and their two sons, James and Ben. In his spare time they enjoy the outdoors, mountain biking and cricket. Weekend getaways include four wheel driving and camping in the outdoors; a way to kick back, relax and enjoy time with the family. Daniel is also a big fan of good food and his taste buds get a kick out of good coffee, a nice Shiraz and a quality gelato.

Committed To Our Mission & Values

As our new site supervisor Daniel is looking forward to creating a unique and individual relationship with our existing and future clients, trades and suppliers.

Daniel will continue to carry our mission and values throughout, ensuring we deliver the dreams and ideas of each journey we take on. We are all enjoying having Daniel as a part of our team.

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Welcome to 2018 with IQ Construction

New Challenges & Goals

We have already kicked the New Year off with new challenges and goals to expand our new and existing team member’s knowledge.

We took a step out of the office and headed to our site in progress down in Bedfordale, we used this time to ask questions and queries we had on anything from product’s/materials, progress on how a home comes to life behind the scenes and how we can ensure the process of building with IQ Construction will match your dreams, budgets and specifications.

Expansion & Growth

This year is all about expanding and growth for IQ! we have already gained a new senior site supervisor – Daniel Powell. Daniel has had a very busy but enjoyable first few weeks on board with us, he is ready and raring to go and looking forward to the opportunities and experiences along the way.

New Office

Our team at IQ Constructions is not the only thing which is growing, we are all excited to announce our offices are going up! Later throughout this year we will be taking on a re design and renovation project, expanding our existing property to bigger and better things. We look forward to having a new and improved looking workplace environment.

Looking Forward To A Great Year

Each and every one of us are looking forward to building our knowledge to help maintain our devoted, hardworking team. Continuing to develop business and client relationships to uphold and encourage our values towards making IQ Construction the smart way to build.

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Training Update – Revit Design & Modelling Program

Two IQ Constructions employees; Brendan Dekker – Senior Draughtsman and Estimator, and Dylan Murphy – Draughtsman and Scheduler, are continuously expanding their knowledge and skills by attending courses run by A2K Technologies Training Centre.

Revit Design & Modelling Program

The courses Brendan and Dylan have attended provide in-depth and specialised training in Revit, a Design and Modelling program for architects, structural engineers and designers.

Building Information Modelling Software

Brendan and Dylan are both moving full steam ahead with Revit and have gained a tremendous level of confidence in using the BIM software. With their enhanced knowledge of this powerful program, the initial concept designs are able to be completed efficiently, with full 3D renderings of the proposed design complete with any specific requests a client may desire.

3D Imagery For Our Clients

When it comes to the working drawing stage no detail is spared. By being able to provide our clients with 3D renders of any aspect of the project that they are unsure of, we are able to get ahead of any uncertainties and ensure the end result is exactly as per our clients’ vision.

Large Range Of Professional Qualities & Skills

As a team, IQ Construction ensures a large range of professional qualities and skills are offered to offer our clients and suppliers to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our Commitment

Each of us is always looking into expanding our knowledge and services “to develop the dreams and ideas of our clientele in residential and commercial construction and develop services to educate them in construction methods, alternatives and practices in order to create solutions, through the use of technology and superior service”, an excerpt from IQ Construction vision Statement.

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IQ Team Building Event – Lawn Bowls

IQ Team Building

Every quarter our growing team takes a step away from the office to engage in an afternoon of outdoor team building fun.

Our Lawn Bowls Team Building Day

Late September on a very warm 30-degree day – perfect weather for a day on the lawn, we kicked off with a lunch full of different nibbles and a few beverages, too.

We then proceeded to the green where we had a short but sweet “training” on how to play lawn bowls, which seemed to be a lot more complex than just rolling a ball to see who can get closest to the smaller ball, like a few of us thought!

After about 2, or 10 “test runs” before we all got the hang of it, we separated into two teams and let the games begin.

Why We Do Team Building Events

We use team-building events to strengthen several key skills within the team and enable a closer bond for a more stress-free work environment. Taking time out of the office gives us the opportunity to focus on our working relationships, get to know each other better, learn about each other’s strengths and boost confidence in the team.

Stepping outside of our everyday element gives us a better sense of belonging and confidence, creating new challenges, laughs and friendships. Especially now our team has grown with the newest IQ Construction members being: Jess McNess – our Contract Administrator & Estimator and Emily Walker – our Secretary and Social Media, Marketing & Content Manager.

After what was around 2 hours playing an intense couple of games under the sun, it was time to hang the mats up, put the bowls away and head back… I believe we are still undecided on who took the win.. until next time.

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Training Feedback

We asked a few employees for an update on their training. Here’s what they said:

Over the past couple months I have gone into the A2K offices in Perth and completed a few courses on our 3D program, Revit. These have expanded my knowledge and taught valuable practises on how we can implement 3D into our drawings and scheduling, along with creating accurate models that comply with Australian and New Zealand standards.

I’ve gone to the Revit fundamentals course run by A2K, with the advanced course still to come in April and another one in June. In my spare time (which isn’t too often) I have been going through the online classes (also through A2K) although these have been quite basic. The classes have been good in establishing a base to work from, and getting into better habits when using the program rather than swimming upstream trying to work it out on our own. I’ve been able to build up my knowledge of Revit from the initial training course, with the upcoming courses only going to further my understanding of the program and help IQ with producing more modern drawings complete with full 3D renders.

In November of last year, thanks to the Federal Government for the Industry Skills Fund training grant we received, and with the anticipation of being more involved in the commercial projects, I enrolled in two training courses that would teach me more about writing and submitting tender responses. Both courses were held in the center of Perth, and lasted a full day. The first course dealt with the basic rules of tender responses (which ones to go with, what to include, what not to do), and the second course went more in depth to key strategies to use, how to properly present, as well as little extra rules that help the tender response stand out from the rest.
All in all, it was an enjoyable and very informative couple of days thanks to Tenderlink and BidWrite, the organisers of the courses, and made even better by the fantastic view from the 14th floor we were given of the city and the Swan River.

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2016 – A reflection from IQ Construction

As the end of the year approaches, we can reflect on the way our company has developed over the past 12 months. We had the pleasure of adding 3 new full-time roles to the team and also officially branching out into the field of commercial construction. We conquered the long and wet winter months and carried the company through the slowdown of the building company.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support of our trades and suppliers, some of whom we have had the pleasure of forming ties with this year, and others with whom we have had the privilege of working with over the past few years. We are also thankful for all the email and phone enquiries from the general public who have invested their time in us to provide general answers to any building related questions. And of course, we could not go without thanking all of our clients over the past year who have enabled us to fulfil our goal of building dream homes. We treasure the connections that we make throughout the building journey, and we love the excitement and joy that oozes when we handover the keys.

We wish you all a very blessed Christmas, stay safe, and we look forward to starting off the new year with a bang!

Our office doors will re-open for business on the 3rd of January 2017.

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Meet our new Business Development Manager

On the 10th of the 10th, we welcomed David Shaw to the team at IQ Construction. Filling the business development role, David will be using his skills in design and construction management to provide a unique service to residential and renovation clients. Having years of experience in drafting and design and then furthering his career in supervising and construction management, David has been able to combine his all his skills in his new role. Customising designs to suit their existing block or requirements, David can offer detailed advice on pricing and advantages and disadvantages of different construction methods. No matter what you are looking to do, from timber framed to two story or unit development, contact Dave on 9399 6715 to have a chat about what IQ Construction can offer.


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Training Grant from Federal Government

We are very excited to announce that in October, IQ Construction was awarded a$13,704 training and skills fund from the Federal Government. The funds were awarded based on creative construction solutions at IQ Construction and given to further the skills and training of the staff. All the funds will be going directly into training and skills development programs that our different employees will be attending over the course of the next year. The courses range from furthering onsite skills in low and medium-rise construction methods, developing our commercial divisions tendering processes to 3d modelling, advanced drawing technologies and systems and training in commercial acumen for managers in the building and construction industry. Through this initiative, our employees are empowered in the roles they fill, executing them in modern, creative, effective and efficient ways, contributing to the team environment and spirit that is part of our culture.

We are pleased to contribute to the skills and development of our staff which we believe will ultimately further develop IQ Constructions capabilities in client service and construction methods.

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