IQ Construction Capability Statement

Chief Executive Officer  |  John Bron
General Manager  |  Dwayne Ballast
Office | 4 Browning Road, Armadale WA 6112

Corporate Overview

IQ Construction is a WA based construction company with commercial, residential and renovation divisions. Our unique management strategies and synergies across divisions have provided cost effective solutions to our clients.

BR#: 13442  |  HIA#: 559438  |  ABN: 45 401 548 390

Project Management

Having identified synergies across the 3 different divisions IQ Construction operates in and by using state of the art technology, we have developed efficient and effective project management methods that enables us to complete projects on time and on budget each time again. Our clients can have confidence in knowing that their project will be delivered according to contractual terms.

Design Service

With in-house design services, we can offer flexibility to our clients with on the go changes and amendments, details of different construction methods and techniques and customization of the internal architecture.


  • Dynamic, Efficient and Flexible organisation that molds to client requirements
  • High levels of client service throughout the project, providing transparency in communication and reports on progress and costings
  • Strategic Alliances with Architects, Industry Associations, Engineers and Industry Professionals
  • 0 safety incidents to date on Safety Incident Report
  • 0 Defect and Liability Claims

Past Performance

Kelmscott John Calvin Primary School disabled bath remodel

  • CAPEX: $40,000
  • On-Time and On Budget

Byford John Calvin Primary School new classrooms and administration renovation

  • CAPEX: $500,000
  • On-Time and On Budget

Serpentine Jarrahdale Ambulance Hall Renovation

  • CAPEX: $200,000
  • On-Time and On Budget

Bunbury Free Reformed Church Renovation

  • CAPEX: $100,000
  • On-Time and On Budget

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