industrial interior design

After the industrial revolution, there were several factories left abandoned, and with real estate being scarce, designers saw a chance to re-purpose these historic buildings. Thus, the industrial interior design was born.

Large floor-to-ceilings windows let in natural light and exposed brick gave these buildings a character all to their own.

Some other popular industrial design ideas include exposed piping, solid concrete walls, open shelving, and recycled materials. Although, when it comes to living spaces, it’s important to add a few contrasting design ideas or a splash of color, since industrial design alone may appear drab.

Key Industrial Design Points:

  • Industrial design, or “industrial chic” consists of an exposed brick or metal design to give the feel of a worn-out factory.
  • One staple of the industrial style is exposed piping, which not only looks sleek, but can save money on excessive building materials.
  • Full industrially designed areas may appear drab, so it’s always good to add a splash of color to any design.

“Two hundred years later, advancements in the construction industry allowed us to make bigger, better, and more efficient structures. The old factories closed down, giving way to modern manufacturing plants on the outskirts of the city.”

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