Western Australia’s Energy System Is Changing

“Western Australians have embraced rooftop solar, and the government wants to make sure that can continue in a stable way.” Key Points: We”ve embraced rooftop solar but the speed and scale of installations are eroding the security and reliability of the current electricity system. The DER Roadmap will help manage this and encourage more renewable […]

Kitchen Benchtop Materials – The 11 Best Options

There are so many choices for benchtops in the kitchen, and the material you choose for your renovation can make a big difference in the new space. 11 Benchtop Options Engineered stone Laminate Timber Solid surface Stainless steel Polished concrete Marble Granite Porcelain Bamboo Ultra-compact surface Stone benchtops, for example, are famously easy to clean, […]

A roof over your head: Choosing the right roofing materials

The roofing you choose for your new home or renovation will depend on a few different factors. Considerations when choosing roofing materials The overall look you want Colours and styles available Structural support of your home Maintenance required Fire resistance level required Surrounding home styles Heritage compliance if necessary Popular roofing choices in Perth Metal […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Industrial Interior Design

After the industrial revolution, there were several factories left abandoned, and with real estate being scarce, designers saw a chance to re-purpose these historic buildings. Thus, the industrial interior design was born. Large floor-to-ceilings windows let in natural light and exposed brick gave these buildings a character all to their own. Some other popular industrial […]

‘Financial fasting’: Simple ways to slash spending and speed up saving for a home deposit

If you want to save up for a home it is probably harder than you think but not impossible. One of the most difficult things for first time home buyers is to save up enough for the down payment. It can take years in some parts of the world to save up for even an […]

Interior designers reveal 7 decorating ‘rules’ you should ignore

Over the years interior decorating has picked up several “rules” that are treated like unyielding laws of design. Most have to do with maintaining singular style throughout every room or even the same room. There are seven popular rules than can be broken by an adept designer. One can mix and match different styles of […]

14 new building materials to watch for 2020

As the modern world starts to transform into a more eco-friendly place, construction materials are also evolving into more sustainable options. One of the most popular sustainable materials being utilized at job sites recently is laminated timber. Laminated timber helps reduce both carbon emissions and overall building costs. Transparent aluminum is another highly sustainable product […]

Cross-laminated-timber housing offers "future of low carbon construction"

In London, builders have constructed a 10 storey carbon neutral apartment complex using cross-laminated-timber for a more extensive and sustainable lifespan. The building is 33.8 metres tall and one of the tallest buildings ever constructed using engineered wood. Key Takeaways: London is experimenting and succeeding with cross-laminated timber building engineering Expectations are that this type of building […]

How construction will look in 2030: Better standards, off-site construction, more wood

In Australia, experts are talking about a better way to build, which will also benefit the environment. Using timber is at the top of the list in this endeavor. The reason being that it is lighter, easier to handle and move. Timber has proven to be better for the environment then concrete and steel and […]

‘Passive’ home more expensive to build but cheaper to run, achieves highest bushfire risk rating

In this day and age of weather uncertainty, housing has had to adapt to various ways to deal with climate change while keeping life affordable. Passive homes have met that demand. These homes require strict energy efficient measures using the sun, body heat and cooling breezes as its source of energy. Many things come into […]

Converting Plastic Waste Into Construction Materials

The Centre for Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC) has been working on the creation of building materials from plastic waste. The plastic is finely shredded, and then added to a mixture of concrete. The bricks created by this process are lighter, code-compliant, certified, and usable in all of the same building projects. The CRDC has […]

The ‘70s bathroom trend that’s making a big comeback

Bathrooms are an important room for personalizing the design of your home, however they’re are often decorated using simple colors. Whites and grays have dominated the popular color choices in recent years. A ’70s trend is beginning to make a comeback for bathroom styling, with bolder colours and the pastel-coloured sink returning to popularity. The […]

How Australians are embracing multi-generational living

The cost of living and the influence of different cultures are two of the reasons why more Australians are embracing multi-generational living. Other benefits include the potential for younger children and teenagers to have more respect for their elders through spending more time together. And older folk often find more energy, purpose and enthusiasm by […]

Perth Apartments: The Krantz Legacy

During a 30 year period between the 1930’s and 1960’s, about 90% of the new apartments constructed in Perth were designed by an architect named Harold Krantz. His designs focused on a minimalist approach, using small spaces efficiently and being affordable. His designs, which were often deemed ugly by other architects, eventually became accepted during his time. Common […]

Constructing faith: Postwar religious buildings in Australia

After World War II in Australia there was a period of experimentation in religious architecture in the form of houses of worship that have largely been forgotten by modern discourse. Post-war Australia exhibited an explosion of growth that touched all aspects of society. Art and architecture moved from a restrained period to a more experimental. […]

7 Elements of Industrial-Style Design That Will Transform Your Home

If you are looking for an Industrial style design to transform your home, here are a few things you can do to make that happen. Leave your pipes and ducts exposed and blend metal and wood together to make your home distinct. If you are really bold, expose brick walls and concrete floors to really […]

We can make roof tiles with built-in solar cells – now the challenge is to make them cheaper

Australia trails much of the world in embracing solar power. As a result, the country may not be able to meet its commitments to the Paris agreement. This situation can be altered through the development of building-integrated photovoltaics, such as solar roof tiles. Roof tiles are more efficient than conventional solar panels. There are challenges, […]

Consumers speak up on new building standards

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has been directed by the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) to investigate possible changes to the energy efficiency provisions, with an emphasis on residential buildings. To commence the process, the ABCB has produced a scoping study for public consultation. Sustainable homes advocator, Renew and their community partners, have responded to options […]

How to Design Ergonomic and Safe Bathrooms for the Elderly

The slippery surfaces of a bathroom put everyone at risks for injures, but especially the elderly. To keep your older loved ones safe, make sure the bathroom is easily accessible, so they can enter and exit safely, particularly at night. Remove locks so that the bathroom can be entered during an emergency. the floors should […]

New Mixed-Reality Wearable Device Enables Workers to View Holographic Information On-Site

Mixed-reality wearable devices have already started to revolutionize construction projects. Wearable technologies aren’t new, but the latest devices are able to combine augmented reality with VR. Microsoft’s Hololens can be mounted on helmets and used to project real-time holographic images. Within a 3D model, the worker’s view adjusts as they move around the building, while […]

6 Key Elements of a Lovely Modern Home that You Should Know About

if you’re looking to build a home with modern style interiors, here are some tips. First, use natural building materials, such as timber accents and wicker furniture. Neutral, earthy colors are another suggestion. Modern styling favors asymmetry as a way to create visual interest. Another tip is to incorporate nature into your home design by, […]

Australian Architecture Series: The California Bungalow

Australians have developed a taste for Californian architecture and have taken a liking to the California bungalow. As our climate is comparable, it’s become quite a popular style. A California Bungalow has a few defining characteristics: a one, or one-and-a-half storied layout, triangular roof, and bay windows. A California Bungalow usually is open and laid back, […]

We’re heading for a housing shortage and higher prices says the RBA

Guy Debelle is the deputy governor of Reserve Bank, and says that there is a likely chance of the housing market facing a shortfall when it comes to housing supply. Debelle and other experts fear that this potential shortfall could result in housing prices dramatically increasing in response. He predicts that the demand for housing will continue […]