A waterwise garden, also know as hydrozoning, is when a garden is set up by grouping the plants together by their water needs. You can have irrigation stations that will deliver the correct amount of water to a group of plants.

Plants that need a lot of water can be grouped together with a irrigation station that will give them a lot of water. Plants that don’t need much water can be grouped together with an irrigation station that will only give them a little bit of water. Some plants like vegetables require a lot of water and they will need to grouped together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since we are experiencing climate change, we need to alter the way we design our garden.
  • The primary zone where we garden is where we need most of the water. This includes water plants, vegetables and your soil.
  • Minimal zones are where you only may need to require watering in very hot months.

“Combine these principles with our waterwise designs and plants and you will be on your way to creating a functional, attractive garden that will thrive in our conditions.”

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