Yagan Square was named after a warrior from an Indigenous tribe called Nyoongar Nation. This honorable fighter was killed in 1833, and he was a key member of the resistance movement when it came to white settlers colonizing the Swan River. The art that Yagan Square embodies is a reflection of this narrative, and it can be seen through several different layers that were constructed by local architects, landscapers, and public artists who donated their craft.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perth is projected to reach a population of up to four million people by 2050. The city is looking at its infrastructure.
  • Yagan square is named from a Indigenous warrior who was murdered in 1833. He was part of the resistance to stop white settlement along the Swan River colony.
  • Yagan Square is in a key location, by the train station, where people come and go in many directions. A market hall was crucial in the development plans.

“As the smallest of the projects listed, Yagan Square would be easy to overlook. Yet it sits in the heart of the city, over and adjacent to Perth Railway Station, and at the intersection of architecture, infrastructure and public space.”

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