Exposure to the elements takes a toll on decks and pergolas. After a year or two, the color fades and the grain becomes washed out, and it’s time to re-stain. First, clean the wood with a sodium percarbonate based cleaner, such as Napisan. Consider spraying wood brightener before staining. To stain the wood, a paintbrush remains the best applicator. Remember that it’s better to apply too little than too much. The second coat should use even less oil. Apply with long, continuous brush strokes, and use a rag with turpentine to clean up any spots afterwards.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your deck or pergola is starting to look faded, its color nondescript, odds are its been exposed to a lot of weather and could stand a restain.
  • Before you begin your restain, you will need to clean the wood, using a bucket of hot water and two cups of Napisan.
  • Before reststaining it’s wise to apply some wood brightener, which will also ensure any remaining stain stripper comes off.

“To get a deck or pergola clean, you don’t need to spend lots of money on special wood cleaning detergents”

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