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Case Study 1: Strata Transformation | Alfred Cove

With a neighbour sharing a brick wall, IQ Renovations needed to diplomatically construct and perform this transformation. Given that much of the existing was to remain, the unit had to be stripped right back and then extended. This created exposure risks in the construction process that needed to be addressed. Using extensive planning and project management techniques, the custom-designed renovation was pre-fabricated of the site.

By the time the roof was stripped back, the majority of the home had already been constructed, was carted to site and erected in a two-week time frame window. Interference to the existing home and neighbour was minimal and the transformation was completed. Wanting to also have a unique finish, the client selected cedar lining to the balcony and entrance, acrylic rendering externally, a floating staircase, bifold doors, glass balustrade and quality fittings throughout, turning the existing single-story 2×1 home into an eye-popping 4×2 home.

Case Study 2: Ground Floor Extension | Cardup

Running out of space for the growing family, an extension was designed and along with it, a facelift to the front elevation. Using timber-framed construction with the insulation panel system resulting in a high energy rating, the design provided the required solutions of space and storage, as well as an appropriately sized carport. With the family living in the dwelling during the construction, we boarded up the section that was being renovated, to reduce dust, noise and interference with family life, as well as ensure the site was safely cordoned off.

During the process, changes were often made as the finished product became easier to visualize and the client had a better idea of what it would look like. We made the changes as we progressed, providing the client with the flexibility and the finished product they desired.

Case Study 3: Country Home Extension | Darling Downs

We gave the task of a major renovation of our home to IQ Construction, after a recommendation from a friend. We are extremely pleased with the result, and also with the entire process, which could potentially be quite disruptive because we stayed in the home during the renovation.

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