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That’s a Wrap!

As we fast approach the end of 2023, we just want to thank everyone for their support and commitment over the past year. Construction in Perth was a challenge again this year with a volatile market, skills, material and labor shortages and an ever-changing regulatory environment. So, thank you to all our wonderful clients for your patience and support.

We were proud to be part of a range of homes again this year, Australian country-style homes, custom-designed homes, timber framed and pole homes, Hampton, modern, contemporary, and coastal styles. Clients were again coming up with unique ideas we were able to support in their house exterior cladding ideas, be it weatherboard colours, kitchen benchtop materials or electrical fittings. Landscaping was a hot topic again, where we could cater for future fast-climbing plants, be it fast-growing vines, creepers or similar to bring nature that bit closer to home. Windows is slowly becoming a focal point for many clients, opting for different glazing types, louvres, double glazing, or more commercial-style frames.

Diversity in home ideas and selections is truly a never-ending array of configurations and combinations amongst our clients, of which we are proud to be part and assist each client to build their dream home. We look forward to working with you all again in 2023!

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