The ‘70s bathroom trend that’s making a big comeback

Bathrooms are an important room for personalizing the design of your home, however they’re are often decorated using simple colors. Whites and grays have dominated the popular color choices in recent years.

A ’70s trend is beginning to make a comeback for bathroom styling, with bolder colours and the pastel-coloured sink returning to popularity. The basin is often a softer, lighter, pastel color, but is sometimes a darker tone. It is occasionally raised above the counter. With the geometric uniqueness of the basin, it’s important to stick to a consistent shape and theme.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a focal point in your bathroom
  • Keeping fixture shapes consistent throughout the room creates a cohesive and appealing space
  • Be bold, pick the colors that represent what makes you happy, even if they are darker

“A white and pink bathroom accented with gold tapware and timber is the perfect fit for a coloured basin. The white and timber combo is classic, while the pink and gold keep it contemporary and make the coloured basin feel like a natural addition.”

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