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We asked a few employees for an update on their training. Here’s what they said:

Over the past couple months I have gone into the A2K offices in Perth and completed a few courses on our 3D program, Revit. These have expanded my knowledge and taught valuable practises on how we can implement 3D into our drawings and scheduling, along with creating accurate models that comply with Australian and New Zealand standards.

I’ve gone to the Revit fundamentals course run by A2K, with the advanced course still to come in April and another one in June. In my spare time (which isn’t too often) I have been going through the online classes (also through A2K) although these have been quite basic. The classes have been good in establishing a base to work from, and getting into better habits when using the program rather than swimming upstream trying to work it out on our own. I’ve been able to build up my knowledge of Revit from the initial training course, with the upcoming courses only going to further my understanding of the program and help IQ with producing more modern drawings complete with full 3D renders.

In November of last year, thanks to the Federal Government for the Industry Skills Fund training grant we received, and with the anticipation of being more involved in the commercial projects, I enrolled in two training courses that would teach me more about writing and submitting tender responses. Both courses were held in the center of Perth, and lasted a full day. The first course dealt with the basic rules of tender responses (which ones to go with, what to include, what not to do), and the second course went more in depth to key strategies to use, how to properly present, as well as little extra rules that help the tender response stand out from the rest.
All in all, it was an enjoyable and very informative couple of days thanks to Tenderlink and BidWrite, the organisers of the courses, and made even better by the fantastic view from the 14th floor we were given of the city and the Swan River.

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