Training Grant from Federal Government

We are very excited to announce that in October, IQ Construction was awarded a$13,704 training and skills fund from the Federal Government. The funds were awarded based on creative construction solutions at IQ Construction and given to further the skills and training of the staff. All the funds will be going directly into training and skills development programs that our different employees will be attending over the course of the next year. The courses range from furthering onsite skills in low and medium rise construction methods, developing our commercial divisions tendering processes to 3d modelling, advanced drawing technologies and systems and training in commercial acumen for managers in the building and construction industry. Through this initiative, our employees are empowered in the roles they fill, executing them in modern, creative, effective and efficient ways, contributing to the team environment and spirit that is part of our culture.

 We are pleased to contribute to the skills and development of our staff which we believe will ultimately further develop IQ Constructions capabilities in client service and construction methods.

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