Home automation is a tool that connects multiple electronic devices in your home to a control system. The control system then manages these devices automatically with presets and sensors or can even be operated remotely by the owner.

Home automation has many benefits, such as reducing energy consumption by operating appliances only when necessary. Another benefit is better home security. There are several kinds of home automation tools such as security, lighting, climate control, entertainment and energy efficiencies. These various devices can be interconnected, making them more efficient, safe, and giving you more control.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automation — which creates a central control system for multiple systems within your home — can make your home more energy efficient, secure and convenient.
  • You can use motion sensors to turn lights on and off based on activity within a room.
  • While the most basic home automation systems cost about $15,000, more sophisticated systems can cost as much as $100,000.

“Various aspects of your home can be automated to increase its security. With the installation of movement sensors outside your home or intrusion sensors on doors and windows, you can detect and discourage unexpected movements or intrusions.”

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