By 2050, an estimated 3.5 million people will be living in the Perth and Peel regions. Keeping our city liveable into the future will mean striking the right balance between increased housing diversity and density, and protecting the things that make a place feel like home.

More and more houses need to be built and its very important to manage this increase in housing sensibly.

Key Points:

  • Greater Perth already stretches 120km from Mandurah to Yanchep and has a footprint comparable to Los Angeles with a fraction of its population.
  • The average new home in Perth is 30% bigger than those built 30 years ago.
  • Currently many new homes are being built on the urban fringe, leading to further sprawl.
  • A recent RAC survey revealed 55 per cent of residents felt a greater amount of urban infill development should be built in existing areas to help manage congestion across Perth.
  • The survey also confirmed that many Perth home owners still prefer single homes on single blocks.

“It took 180 years from the development of the Swan River Colony for the population of the Perth and Peel regions to reach two million people.”

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