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IQ Team Building

Every quarter our growing team takes a step away from the office to engage in an afternoon of outdoor team building fun.

Our Lawn Bowls Team Building Day

Late September on a very warm 30-degree day – perfect weather for a day on the lawn, we kicked off with a lunch full of different nibbles and a few beverages, too.

We then proceeded to the green where we had a short but sweet “training” on how to play lawn bowls, which seemed to be a lot more complex than just rolling a ball to see who can get closest to the smaller ball, like a few of us thought!

After about 2, or 10 “test runs” before we all got the hang of it, we separated into two teams and let the games begin.

Why We Do Team Building Events

We use team-building events to strengthen several key skills within the team and enable a closer bond for a more stress-free work environment. Taking time out of the office gives us the opportunity to focus on our working relationships, get to know each other better, learn about each other’s strengths and boost confidence in the team.

Stepping outside of our everyday element gives us a better sense of belonging and confidence, creating new challenges, laughs and friendships. Especially now our team has grown with the newest IQ Construction members being: Jess McNess – our Contract Administrator & Estimator and Emily Walker – our Secretary and Social Media, Marketing & Content Manager.

After what was around 2 hours playing an intense couple of games under the sun, it was time to hang the mats up, put the bowls away and head back… I believe we are still undecided on who took the win.. until next time.

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