kitchen benchtop materials

There are so many choices for benchtops in the kitchen, and the material you choose for your renovation can make a big difference in the new space.

11 Benchtop Options

  1. Engineered stone
  2. Laminate
  3. Timber
  4. Solid surface
  5. Stainless steel
  6. Polished concrete
  7. Marble
  8. Granite
  9. Porcelain
  10. Bamboo
  11. Ultra-compact surface

Stone benchtops, for example, are famously easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. Best of all, stone is non-porous, so it resists staining and scratching.

Laminate has recently made a comeback, with many different styles propping up, and it won’t stretch your budget too much. Timber is another “old fashioned” style that’s making a comeback.

Some thoughts

  • Engineered stone — a mix of stone aggregate bound together with resin — is a sturdy choice for one of the most-used surfaces in your home.
  • Timber can be a warm and visually appealing choice, but it requires periodic coatings of oil or polyurethane to protect it.
  • Solid acrylic resin counter tops have the advantage of being easy to repair without a total replacement.

“If your kitchen reno is on a tight budget then laminate is your choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks”

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