PlanWA Interactive Planning Map

PlanWA gives you free public access to planning, land, and heritage data from across Western Australia and can help you map it. The interactive interface lets anyone access the data to help learn how specific land is used and how it can be developed in the future.

It can be used by government, industry, landowners, and more. Here is a list of its potential benenfits and an instruction video to help you understand its uses.

Benefits of PlanWA:

  • It can be used by local government, industry and the community to make informed decisions.
  • PlanWA can help understand how the land is used and what future development may be able to occur in an area.
  • PlanWA links to a wide variety of planning, land and heritage policies and programs.

“This interactive viewer links to the latest spatial planning, land and heritage information for any land parcel within the State.”

Instruction Video

To Launch PlanWA

Go to the PlanWA page on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website:

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