natural stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding has become a popular way to spice up both interior and exterior parts of the home. It gives rooms and spaces so much more character and provides it a nice touch.

Stone wall cladding is cost effective as well and not time consuming to install. You won’t have to install it piece by piece because the individual tiles are adhered to a panel that interlocks at the corners. It’s cheapest and easiest way to give your home some added depth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Natural stone wall cladding tiles come in set sizes and are easy to install.
  • The durability of stone wall cladding makes it suitable for exterior use.
  • Indoors, stone wall cladding works great for fireplaces and bathroom walls.

“The natural texture and variation of the wall panels helps connect the architecture and interior to the surrounding landscape.”

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