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Nowadays a lot of people are choosing different types of cladding when building or renovating their homes. You can add cladding to the outside of your home to give it a whole new look. There are a variety of cladding materials and no matter what you choose it will add to the overall strength of the structure of the home.

12 Popular Cladding Materials:

  • Stone Cladding
  • Vinyl Cladding
  • Timber Weatherboard
  • Fibre Cement Cladding
  • Metal Cladding
  • Brick Cladding
  • uPVC Cladding
  • Tile Cladding
  • Glass Cladding
  • Aluminum Cladding
  • Ceramic Cladding
  • Porcelain Cladding

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilizing stone helps your home look more natural and creates and more classic style visually
  • A vinyl cladding is used as more of a protective addition to preserve the structure from natural elements
  • If you’re looking to match the exterior and interiors of your home, uPVC allows for multiple color shifts

“Apart from being an aesthetic tool, cladding forms a protective shield around your house, adding to the mechanical strength of the building’s structure”

Should you choose cladding or brick?

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