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That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!

As we fast approach the end of 2023, we just want to thank everyone for their support and commitment over the past year. Construction in Perth was a challenge again this year with a volatile market, skills, material and labor shortages and an ever-changing regulatory environment. So, thank you to all our wonderful clients for your patience and support.

We were proud to be part of a range of homes again this year, Australian country-style homes, custom-designed homes, timber framed and pole homes, Hampton, modern, contemporary, and coastal styles. Clients were again coming up with unique ideas we were able to support in their house exterior cladding ideas, be it weatherboard colours, kitchen benchtop materials or electrical fittings. Landscaping was a hot topic again, where we could cater for future fast-climbing plants, be it fast-growing vines, creepers or similar to bring nature that bit closer to home. Windows is slowly becoming a focal point for many clients, opting for different glazing types, louvres, double glazing, or more commercial-style frames.

Diversity in home ideas and selections is truly a never-ending array of configurations and combinations amongst our clients, of which we are proud to be part and assist each client to build their dream home. We look forward to working with you all again in 2023!

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Our Growing Team

New Estimator

We are very excited to have Brent join our team as one of our Estimators! With his experience, he is a great addition.                                   Welcome Brent!


“A great place to work, the staff here really care about their work, and about each other, I’m already feeling at home.”

Brent Muilenburg

Brent’s is originally from here in Western Australia, but he grew up in Tasmania and is loving life been back here in his hometown for the last 8 years. Brent is a family man and outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife Grace and his two boys Owen and Reuben. In his free time, he also enjoys catching up and gaming with some friends, listening to music and working on his passion which is Architectural Design.

Committed to Our Missions and Values

Brent’s mission and values as our new Estimator is to create relationships with our suppliers and trades ensuring that clients acquire what they are looking for and have a pleasant experience throughout their build. We are all enjoying have Brent as a part of our team.


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IQ Commercial Case Studies

Case Study 1: Additional Classrooms | Byford

Needing to cater to a greater number of students, the school called for tenders for providing additional classrooms that fit into the schools existing style and feel. The classrooms needed to be constructed during school terms and completed by the final term to provide sufficient time for the faculty to set up for the New Year.

With onsite challenges of retaining, access to the site, students on site and safety requirements, IQ Construction overcame these and delivered the finished classrooms on time and on budget.

Case Study 2: Administration/Office Renovation and Extension | Byford

With the existing staff room overcrowding and much-needed administration space, IQ Construction was awarded the tender to extend and renovate the staffroom, administration area and toilets.

Having to facilitate the construction program with the staff and provide temporary staff rooms, IQ Construction worked in closely with the principal and superintendent to provide temporary noise and dust barriers, data and power points, IT and printer points and access points to enable the staff to continue their education services with minimal disruption. The result was a finished project that surpassed expectations and was delivered on time and within budget.

Case Study 3: Serpentine Jarrahdale Ambulance Hall Renovation | Serpentine

Being invited to tender on this community project, IQ Construction was awarded the contract and immediately commenced the works required. Having been advised that asbestos was on site, the necessary procedures were followed for its safe removal and disposal. With the local community also being involved in the process, we had to provide a flexible service that enabled the community wishes to be incorporated into the build process. On-time and on budget, the shire awarded us with a glowing reference.

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IQ Renovations Case Studies

Case Study 1: Strata Transformation | Alfred Cove

With a neighbour sharing a brick wall, IQ Renovations needed to diplomatically construct and perform this transformation. Given that much of the existing was to remain, the unit had to be stripped right back and then extended. This created exposure risks in the construction process that needed to be addressed. Using extensive planning and project management techniques, the custom-designed renovation was pre-fabricated of the site.

By the time the roof was stripped back, the majority of the home had already been constructed, was carted to site and erected in a two-week time frame window. Interference to the existing home and neighbour was minimal and the transformation was completed. Wanting to also have a unique finish, the client selected cedar lining to the balcony and entrance, acrylic rendering externally, a floating staircase, bifold doors, glass balustrade and quality fittings throughout, turning the existing single-story 2×1 home into an eye-popping 4×2 home.

Case Study 2: Ground Floor Extension | Cardup

Running out of space for the growing family, an extension was designed and along with it, a facelift to the front elevation. Using timber-framed construction with the insulation panel system resulting in a high energy rating, the design provided the required solutions of space and storage, as well as an appropriately sized carport. With the family living in the dwelling during the construction, we boarded up the section that was being renovated, to reduce dust, noise and interference with family life, as well as ensure the site was safely cordoned off.

During the process, changes were often made as the finished product became easier to visualize and the client had a better idea of what it would look like. We made the changes as we progressed, providing the client with the flexibility and the finished product they desired.

Case Study 3: Country Home Extension | Darling Downs

We gave the task of a major renovation of our home to IQ Construction, after a recommendation from a friend. We are extremely pleased with the result, and also with the entire process, which could potentially be quite disruptive because we stayed in the home during the renovation.

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IQ Homes Case Studies

Case Study 1: Sloping Block | Dawesville

Challenged with a sloping block we combined pole home and lightweight construction methods to provide a unique looking home. Mixing acrylic texture coating with colorbond cladding, this home certainly catches the eye. Utilising the space under the poles by fitting a double garage and laundry at the bottom, this home created a very effective use of space on a tricky site.

With the alfresco being at the center of the home, accessible from all sides and even capturing some of the views, this custom design integrated material options, construction methods, design flexibility and site restrictions to provide the clients dream home.

Case Study 2: Ocean Views | Madora Bay

Looking to stand out on the street, design, construction methods and material selections were combined to create a truly unique home. The site was next to the ocean, subject to higher wind ratings and coastal zoning requirements.

With a set specification provided by the client, we separately sourced all their inclusions and incorporated into the build. Unique inclusions required all trades to be advised and consulted to ensure the correct installation procedures were followed.

With finishes ranging from timber lining, exposed aggregate, sunken floors to the home theatre, fully frameless bifold doors, long raking windows, shadow lining and an alfresco kitchen, every bit of detail was addressed. Every aspect of this home has been customised, down to the letter box, this is a real masterpiece.

Case Study 3: Rear Lot, Double Storey Home | Bicton

On a strata property with very tight access, this project posed the challenge of building a two story customized home with little room to move. With a home owner living in the front property using the same driveway for access and situated on a high traffic road, we had to communicate very well with trades and the neighbour to accommodate everyone’s needs and still deliver the project on time.

Requiring traffic management for certain works and deliveries, both IQ Construction and their trades adapted to the site and conditions to deliver the project. Working closely with the client to meet the budget and design requirements, IQ Construction developed a customized design in line with this and delivered the project accordingly. As a result, both the client and the neighbour awarded us with great testimonials (see below).

Case Study 4: Custom Timber Frame Home | Chidlow

After the initial consultations with our client, we developed the brief for this thoughtfully custom designed home.

Our goal, was to deliver a home that maintained a sense of simplicity, making the most of the naturally beautiful bush-covered surroundings, whilst ensuring minimal disturbance to the environment. The block is home to a collection of rare and native plants and protection of these was of high priority to the owner.

As such, we ensured these plants were fully protected throughout the process. By taping and fencing off exclusion zones for material deliveries, trades & vehicles, we are able to minimise footfall and excess on-site disruption during the construction process.

Ongoing discussions with the owner helped us to mark out services in optimum locations, so that we avoided existing trees and foliage, minimising any damage to the local flora. The block provided a natural ‘ring’ of mature trees, which was a perfect fit for the water tank, enabling it to sit secluded amongst the surrounding bush.

Timber framed, lightweight construction was chosen for a faster build, meaning less trades were required on-site at any time. This further added to the finished aesthetics, enabling the newly built dwelling to blend seamlessly into the landscape.

Inside, high raking ceilings were coupled with full height windows to bring the outside in, giving a sense of space, natural light and a welcomed connection to nature. A combustion fire place was the final touch, making it the perfect place for the client to call home.

We are thrilled with the results , as is our client.

Madora Bay custom home
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Madora Bay 2-Story Custom Home

Our wonderful beachside 2-story custom home in Madora Bay has been completed. It’s a stunning home that’s been designed to maximise the ocean views. It also boasts a high energy rating of 7.4 stars. View the images to see the details, including the fantastic view. Perfect for all seasons!

If you’d like to take advantage of the 2020 government grants and build your own custom home, talk to the team at IQ Construction today!


  • Lightweight refabricated wall system
  • UPVC double glazed windows throughout
  • Fully automated greywater system
  • Internal steel spine staircase with open Tasmanian oak treads
  • External spiral staircase
  • Polished concrete floor finish throughout (including wet areas)
  • Timber composite decking to ground area
  • Exposed aggregate driveway
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Shadowline cornice throughout
  • A high energy efficiency rating of 7.4 stars
  • Solar PV system
  • Solar hot water system
  • Gas fireplace
  • The upper floor was designed with front & rear balcony’s. The rear balcony has clear views of the ocean through the house while providing an area to escape the sea breeze
  • All three minor bedrooms have ensuites
  • The garage includes a generous workshop & storage area
  • Almost all existing trees had been retained as the owner is very environmentally conscious.
cross laminated timber
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Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

What is Cross Laminated Timber?

Modern tall wood constructions are common in Europe and steadily becoming popular in other parts of the world, including Australia.

The wood panel system used in these mid and high-rise buildings is an engineered product called cross laminated timber (CLT). It’s mainly used for construction of floors, roofing and walls.

There is also the potential for cross laminated timber to be used more often when building timber homes.

What Exactly Are CLT Panels?

These large wood panels are made of three, five or seven layers of timber boards glued at 90-degrees to the top and bottom layer, ensuring strength in both directions.

CLT panels are more resistant to water than conventional timber beams and stronger, too.

Building Applications

CLT panels have high strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. These attributes make them ideal for multi-story applications. They are commonly used for box-framed structures employed in the construction of whole wall, floor and roof systems.

CLT is also versatile, and can be incorporated into hybrid applications with materials such as concrete and steel. When used as a prefabricated building component, the wood panel can speed up construction and help meet deadlines more easily.

The shear strength of CLT panels allows designers to use wood in different ways. This includes wide prefabricated floor slabs and tall floor plate heights. Exposed CLT in building interiors lends a warm and rustic aesthetic.

Advantages Of Using Cross Laminated Timber

CLT offers many advantages over other wood-based materials:

  • Better stability and less variable mechanical properties compared to other types of hardwood.
  • The cross-grain layers of CLT panels make them less likely to deform due to moisture.
  • Walls, floors and roofs built from CLT can be pre-fabricated off-site and assembled on site, which helps reduce waste.
  • CLT panels can be manufactured in custom dimensions. They can also be manufactured to various visual appearance grades.
  • Prefabricated CLT panels can speed up the construction of multistory buildings by several weeks.
  • CLT produces lesser greenhouse gases, and uses fewer fossil fuels, water and energy than concrete and steel.
  • Benefits of sustainability, strength, reliability, speed and cost.
  • CLT panels can be used for various building types.

Learn about other newer building materials.

Image credit: The Smile – Alison Brooks Architects

luxury country home
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Mardella – Luxury Country Home Completed

We specialise in luxury country homes and it was a great pleasure to design and build this one. The new home is a combination of stylish modern features with the toughness you expect in the country.


  • Custom-built arched entry door
  • Large entertaining spaces
  • Country design with stylish modern finishes
  • Private garden from ensuite and master bedroom
  • Lots of natural light
  • Large open verandahs
  • Stone cladding finishes externally and to fire places
  • Bar with light under top, rough sawn wood finishes and feature ceiling above pool table
  • Mud room with commercial drainage solutions (owners are dairy farmers)
  • Huge attic storage space
  • List goes on for this one!
  • Custom design done by IQ

house solar panels

Western Australia’s Energy System Is Changing

“Western Australians have embraced rooftop solar, and the government wants to make sure that can continue in a stable way.”

Key Points:

  • We’ve embraced rooftop solar but the speed and scale of installations are eroding the security and reliability of the current electricity system.
  • The DER Roadmap will help manage this and encourage more renewable energy uptake.
  • We’re moving from a system centered on large generators to one with 1000’s of individual generators on the rooftops of homes and businesses.

Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap

The WA government has recently created a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) roadmap to manage the fast uptake of solar and the affects it’s having on our current power system.

DER are smaller devices such as rooftop solar systems, microgrids, batteries and electric vehicles. These can generate, use or store power and are part of the distribution system.

The actions in the DER Roadmap will help ensure our power system is stable while also managing the new DER sources.

The taskforce are also working on various pilots plans including community batteries that will enable people to share solar power with their neighbors.


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